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About Us

Experience A Brighter Tomorrow......Today

Unistal founded in 1994, is the market leader in software product and application development with a global footprint of over  5 million licensed users spread over 125 countries. Since then Unistal’s data care, Anti-Virus, data security products and data recovery services delivers a cutting edge solution which helps business to manage costs, improve processes & optimize overall growth, and thereby delivering value to the organization. Unistal is being led by technocrats who have an excellent understanding of the industry. Its team makes sure that the services and products are in line with contemporary customer needs.

The Company developed its first Data recovery software, Quick Recovery in 1998.  Today Quick Recovery has the world’s largest Range of products which includes data recovery, Server Recovery including Raid servers, File Repairing, email repairing/ recovery, email conversion/ migration and data recovery software for other media like CD’s, Data Card etc. Quick Recovery products cover operating systems like Windows, Linux, Novell, UNIX and Macintosh with email recovery/repairing solutions for MS Outlook, MS exchange, Lotus Dominos, Outlook Express etc. 

Since its inception innovations has been the focus at Unistal and soon the company launched its data care and data security solutions. Today Protegent has become one of the leading brands in data security industry. With Protegent Unistal has provided a new concept of complete security software to its user.  Its product range now includes Protegent 360, Protegent PRO, Protegent Suraksha and Protegent Enterprise Security, which caters to different market requirements. In data Care category the company introduced Crash Proof, Data Wipe, PC reporter, Activity Reporter and Port Locker.

We at Unistal couple innovation with the most advanced technology in an endevor to earn greater client satisfaction.  We have constantly grown in past and strive to maintain this steady growth. With the passage of time, Unistal aims to expand its horizon in order to provide high-end services/products to every nook and corner of the world.  We are based in India, while headquartered in capital New Delhi.  We also own three high-end offices and over 100 service labs spread across the country, Middle East and Euro

Unistal IT solutions group specializes in web based information management solutions, IT based engineering services and GIS services for Mainly Three Verticals  - Energy, ( Oil & Gas ), Utilities ( Power, Water and Telecom ) and Infrastructure ( Roads, Bridges, Railways ). Unistal also provides turnkey software and  deliver creative and affordable technology solutions for medium to large businesses and the Urban Local Bodies/Government bodies. The Company has successfully completed 55 projects on Pipeline Information Management System (PIMS) for clients like Petronas, ADCO, British Petroleum, Gail India Limited, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, PDO Oman, GSPL, HPCL and BPCL. It has designed tools and solutions for integrated Oil and gas operations management, Integrity Management Solutions and GIS based city gas pipeline network monitoring system.

Our History

Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd was founded in 1994 with a vision of providing data recovery services, which were then yet-to-occur phenomena.  Unistal is brainchild of pioneers in the anti-virus technology, who had foresighted the need of data recovery technology.  We rocked the data recovery market, which was still in its infant age then, with our very first product—Quick Recovery software. As expected, Quick Recovery turned out to be a massive hit in the market with tens of thousands of computer users showing interest into it.

The initial success was mere teaser of unscalable potential of Unistal.  Innovations continued to take place at Unistal and we soon came up with a better recovery module. The module was relatively speedier, safer and ensured effective results. Soon after initial success, we again bombed the industry with ‘Crash Proof’. The module soon broke the myth that data loss was permanent. Crash Proof made sure that data was 100% immortal and secure from every possible disaster. In fact, we were the first one to break out as a proactive solution provider. Our success story took the data recovery industry to completely a new level with more ideas/concepts popping up. Competition since then has certainly grown but still we rank no.1. We are simply the best in what we do.


A home is not built by bricks or concrete but the people who live in it. Unistal is no exception. We are an excellent team, comprising some of the best names in the industry.  We have been part of numerous success stories, thanks to determination and foresightedness of the people who are leading it. Unistal is one of the rare companies in the world where there’s hardly a gap between management and employees. People who contribute for Unistal’s are recognized and given due credit.

As aforesaid, we have the best experts in this field who have an excellent understanding of the file system and disk architecture. Since the past decade, our experts have successfully performed over 75,000 data recovery cases. The numbers/statistics are certainly going to grow.

Our Vision

We wish to see a world free of e-threats. Whether it’s an enterprise or an individual, data security is maintained cent percent.  We understand the fact that challenges are likely to grow in near future with more complex threats coming up. But we are ready as always and committed to upstage anything that is categorized as threat. We are dedicated to enhance our performance by implementing our expertise of this phenomenal field to deliver unparalleled value and innovation all around the world.

Our Values

Ethics & Integrity
We are strong believers of ethical practices. We are proud to have a clean record in this business. We make sure that our work is not affected by unethical approaches which sound attractive but in fact are always counterproductive. We religiously follow this tradition by taking ethical business decisions and treating everyone with utmost honesty andrespect.

Quality is the main USP of our brand promise and key to our global venture. Engineers/experts at Unistal are trained in quality process only to make sure that customers, no matter where they are located, what is size of their business, are provided with consistent and high quality in our services andproducts.

Without the ability of creativity, Unistal would have never reached at the landmark where it is now. We have special place for innovative ideas/concepts/products/features. All the new thoughts are welcomed so that our performance remains classapart.

Unistal fully believes in independence and considers it as a key to long-term growth. Our company is independent in all means. However, partners are always welcomed to contribute new ideas to better company and customerperformance.

To be a world-beating data recovery/security services company by investing in our communities and delivering innovative products and extraordinary service through exceptional employees!